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Emails addresses must be entered in OSS and checked as primary in order for students to get enrolled in online courses through eCollege.  If you need to change your email address, you can do so by updating your personal information in your DeVry portal or by contacting your Program Assistant in the Registrar's Office.

To schedule online classes, simply schedule classes as you ordinarily would by using OSS. When doing an advanced search under unit section enrollments to search for class sections, simply enter "Online Learning/Undergraduate" in the location (instead of Columbus, OH). You will then be able to choose an online course and add it to your enrollment cart in the same way you normally schedule campus based courses. Be sure you are choosing a class section that is in the session you want the course (there might be an A section of a course that is offered in both Session A and Session B).  

Online classes are first come, first serve for all DeVry campuses so you should be certain to schedule your classes at the beginning of your scheduling window. This requires having any holds cleared before your scheduling period begins.

Within 48 hours of scheduling your online class on OSS you should receive an email with a log-in name and password for the DVOL portal website. This email is automatically generated to the address for you on the OSS system. Although you won't be able to log-in to your courses until the Sunday of the week classes begin, you should log-in to your homepage immediately upon receiving this email to make sure that you don't have any difficulties. If you do experience problems, or if you do not receive your log-in email please contact your Program Assistant, CSC, Associate Dean, or Dean at your campus or center.

If you are taking your first online class, please remember to view the orientation information located on your DVOL portal page for important information.

Attendance in online courses is mandatory. Failure to log-in to a course for two consecutive weeks will result in dismissal from the online course.

Check on your DVOL home page for information on ordering your text books for online courses.  DeVry Online will post any updates or changes to this information to your online portal page or send updates to you via email. You should NOT attempt to purchase books for online courses at the campus bookstore.


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